East Valley Animal Clinic - Apple Valley, MN - Clinic cats and birds

East Valley Animal Clinic

5049 Upper 141st Street West
Apple Valley, MN 55124





Jerry is a fun loving cat who likes to play with any of our clinic cats that are interested!  When Jerry is not lying on the computer at the front desk, he can be found roaming around the clinic in one of his many different colored diapers.

Jerry was hit by a car when he was younger and is unable to control his bowels due to nerve damage from the accident.  This is why he wears a diaper!


Smokey is a 9 year old beautiful blue eyed Ragdoll, who loves to talk!  He typically roams around in the treatment are but will occasionally come up front to visit.  If you hear a loud meow when you come into East Valley Animal Clinic, it is probably coming from Smokey.


Jake is found sitting on the perch behind the front desk.  She is a Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot.  She is usually pretty quiet, unless there is a peanut butter sandwich in the building!


 Recently you may have noticed a new bird at East Valley Animal Clinic.  Junior is a 25 year old African Gray (Congo variety).  Junior has an extensive vocabulary, that includes telling the dogs to "knock it off!".  He often whistles the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show.  If you hear a unique coughing sound, it is most likely Junior.  He is very good at mimicking noises that he finds entertaining.